Overview of International Education Communication
Overview of International Education Communication




     学校以 “浙商文化”来丰富 “厚德崇商”校训精神内涵,坚持“德能并举、商学合一”的人才培养理念,深化以供销系统为依托、以学院为主体、以政府为推手、以企业为办学合作对象的“四方合作办学体制”建设,与中国企业500强浙江省兴合集团以及浙江农资集团、杭州阿里巴巴电子商务有限公司、杭州联华华商集团等250余家企业建立紧密校企合作关系,合作共建经贸淘宝城、经贸正保创业学院等。建院四十年来,办学成果丰硕,曾多年保持招生录取分数居同类院校前列,也连续获得浙江省高等职业院校教学工作及业绩考核A等、浙江省毕业生职业发展状况及人才培养质量调查前5名、毕业生一次性就业率保持在97%以上等业绩。近三年,在校学生在各类职业技能竞赛中荣获国家级41项,省级以上奖励300余项。


Introduction to ZJIET

     Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade (ZJIET) is a public higher technical and vocational school co-founded by Zhejiang government and the provincial department of All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. It grew out of Zhejiang Staff Institute of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. ZJIET  now lies in the largest higher education park in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Xiasha Higher Education Park, with an area of 575 mu (about 383,333m2) and a floor area of 250,000 m2. There are equipment and devices worth RMB 123,000,000 Yuan for teaching and academic research, and about 690,000 books in the school. With financial and business majors as its mainstay, ZJIET achieves coordinated development of economic, liberal art, engineering, and management majors by establishing 7 departments (Business Management, Finance and Accounting, International Trade, Humanities and Tourism, Information Technology, Application Engineering, and Basic Education), 28 majors and 4 Sino-foreign cooperative education programs. There are approximately 10,000 students, and over 500 faculty members, of whom over 30% have senior titles. In the past three years, more than 70 state- and provincial-level academic research programs have been approved, and the Institute has won six national and provincial teaching achievements awards.

     With the “culture of Zhejiang merchants” adding the meaning of its motto of “valuing virtue and business”, ZJIET upholds the idea of “equal emphasis on virtue and competence, and integration of business and study” for talent training. It works to deepen the construction of “four-side cooperative education system” with the supply and marketing system as its support, schools and departments as its main body, the government as its driver, and enterprises as its collaborators. It has built a close partnership with over 250 enterprises, including China’s Top 500 Zhejiang Xinghe Group, Zhejiang AMP  Incorporation, Zhejiang Alibaba E-commerce Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Lianhua Huashang Group, and jointly established Taobao Economic and Trade City, Zhengbao Economic and Trade Institute of Entrepreneurship, and so on. ZJIET has made many achievements since it was founded four decades ago, such as maintaining relatively high admission scores for years, being evaluated as A-class in terms of teaching and performance of higher technical and vocational schools in Zhejiang, ranking fifth in the list of vocational development of Zhejiang graduates and quality of talent training, and keeping more than 97% of its graduates getting employed at one stroke. In the past three years, its students have won 41 national awards and over 300 provincial- or higher level awards in vocational contests.  

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