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About Us

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Location: Xiasha Higher Education District east of Hangzhou, Zhejiang

History: Founded in 1979 

Academic Focus: 28 programs in Business, Economics, Science and Technology

Students: 9,000+

Faculty: 251

Staff: 266

Average Class Size: 40 

International Programs: four; three in the United States, one in Germany

Zhejiang Institute of Economics and Trade (ZJIET) is a public college specializing in advanced vocational education, specifically economics and trade. ZJIET instills strong business ethics in its students through a comprehensive education experience.

Located at Xiasha High Education Campus in Hangzhou, ZJIET is a part of a fast growing educational development zone in Hangzhou. More than 9,000 students attend ZJIET to obtain a three-year diploma in one of the 28 programs offered in the fields of science, arts, engineering, economics, business and management.

ZJIET currently is collaborating with four international universities, providing students the opportunity to study outside of China: University of Minnesota Crookston, North Dakota State University, and Valley City State University in the United States, and Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. For more information on ZJIET's international programs, click on the international programs link.

For more than 30 years,ZJIET  has educated thousands students who have become leaders in business and technology industries.

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